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FingEr FAmily song

《The Finger Family》--儿童英语歌曲 Daddy Finger, Daddy Finger 手指爸爸,手指爸爸 Here I am! Here I am 我在这里,我在这里 How are you, today 你今天怎么样 Very well, I thank you 很好,谢谢你 Run away. Run away 跑开,跑开 Mommy F...

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填空是five。 there are ten people in the finger family,意思是手指家族有十个人,因为每个人都有十个手指。 详细解释: there are 英[ðɛə ɑ:] 美[ðɛr e(r)] [词典] 有; [例句]In these and several other respects...



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